Friday, 25 May 2012

Greeting Card Designs.

 I sent off electronic copies to Pheonix Trading, which seem to have very simple designs. The first batch were the brightly coloured ones, but they had an instant rejection. Looking at their cards, I guessed my designs were a bit too bright, so I then produced the baby range and the bear with balloon. All the colours were toned down and I stuck with simple line drawing and gouache - more in keeping with their usual product.  But, after 2 months a rejection letter came saying they were not their style. Ah well! I still think these designs will make great cards, hopefully a company out there will agree with me. Cross fingers! 

I'm going to produce a whole range of these designs, including pigs, cows, geese etc. 

Ah, you can't beat the medicinal properties of a Mothers Magic Kiss!!

Boy with balloon.

Little cutie!!

My baby range - again I am going to produce a whole load of pictures with babies doing the usual cute and funny things babies do. I must admit, these are amongst my favourites! I'd buy them myself, and that's a  promising thing surely...?

My 6 year olds worst nightmare - not the dreaded kissy wissys!!
Teddy and balloon

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