Thursday, 9 May 2013

My children wanted to be included on the blog, so here they are, a work of art all by themselves!!!:

Yes, I know it's been at least a million years since I updated this blog. But don't worry I am now back on track. Our camera had broken and I didn't have a decent phone so I couldn't upload any photos. But here I am back on track!!
I've actually been pretty busy as of late. I've got lots of pictures to upload and tell you about.
The first batch of pictures are of some submissions I made to an LDS Publishing house in Utah, for a childrens ABC book of biblical characters.
I had no idea what they wanted so I submitted a range of styles

 Z is for Zacharias

A is for Abinidi

M is for Mary

E is for Eve part 1

E is for Eve part 2

K is for King Benjamin

I was shortlisted down, but in the end they went with an artist who was more tablet based. A bit frustrating since I'd deliberately produced hand drawn pictures. Once again I learnt so much doing this little project, since I had absolutely no idea what they wanted or had in mind, I simply need to get myself a great portfolio together with loads of different styles and simply send them that. So, that's my project still, to produce enough quality and diverse work to complete a portfolio.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

These are some pictures I entered into the Waterstones Picture This 2011 illustration competition. We had to create three characters from Beauty and the Beast. The winner got the amazing opportunity to illustrate a new adaption of Beauty and the Beast written by Micheal Morpurgo. The book aimed at little children.
Needless to say I didn't get into the finals (you'd already have heard about it if I had). I may not have won, but I really enjoyed the process, and it made me realise just how much I enjoyed illustration. It was at this point that Ben bought me an art tablet and Corel Painter for Christmas, which revolutionised my creative world!!

If I was to do it again, I'd do things slightly differently now. Such as, I'd have a lot more movement. My characters are all fairly static, even the Dad on the horse. I should have had his legs up in the air - exagerated movement. Also, I didn't really sketch the characters out particularly, in different poses  and expressions. I've discovered that's actually quite important, so I can fully get to grips with characterisation. Really fun project to do.

Friday, 25 May 2012

These are some commissioned pictures that I have done over the last couple of years.


I have a series of pictures that I want to do about angels.  
I first did a picture of my family surrounded by my Mum and Dad who have both died. I knew if they could, they'd be at all important (and probably not so important) times in mine and my siblings lives, because they loved us so much. This got me thinking about how we are never really alone - although we sometimes think we are....

It gave me the idea to extend this concept to a full range of pictures. This is a picture I did on my Corel Painter and tablet. I look forward to getting the time to sit down and continue this series.

Greeting Card Designs.

 I sent off electronic copies to Pheonix Trading, which seem to have very simple designs. The first batch were the brightly coloured ones, but they had an instant rejection. Looking at their cards, I guessed my designs were a bit too bright, so I then produced the baby range and the bear with balloon. All the colours were toned down and I stuck with simple line drawing and gouache - more in keeping with their usual product.  But, after 2 months a rejection letter came saying they were not their style. Ah well! I still think these designs will make great cards, hopefully a company out there will agree with me. Cross fingers! 

I'm going to produce a whole range of these designs, including pigs, cows, geese etc. 

Ah, you can't beat the medicinal properties of a Mothers Magic Kiss!!

Boy with balloon.

Little cutie!!

My baby range - again I am going to produce a whole load of pictures with babies doing the usual cute and funny things babies do. I must admit, these are amongst my favourites! I'd buy them myself, and that's a  promising thing surely...?

My 6 year olds worst nightmare - not the dreaded kissy wissys!!
Teddy and balloon